Sunset in the Okavango Delta.

Sunset in the Okavango Delta.

I thought it patriotic for my first blog after relocating to South Africa to write about a brand that I’ve secretly been using for months, and truly fell in love with while on a family holiday in the Okavango Delta.

There is nothing more special when a brand comes to life while experiencing complete serenity and surrounded by nature. And this is exactly what happened…

Truly an out of world experience to rejuvenate the sense. The complete opposite from one jungle to another '-)

Truly an out of world experience to rejuvenate the senses. The complete opposite from one jungle to another ‘-)

The retreat where we were staying had the brand Africology as their amenities, and after our first bathroom experience, Mom and I were booking our delicious spa treatments.

During my treatment the therapist used the ‘Conditioning Body Oil’ for the deep tissue massage and this was out of this world and afterwards I slept for days. Mom even said I looked so relaxed and “normal”.

You all know my love for oils and this is truly up there in my list and I strongly recommend it for those with busy lifestyles or for those who suffer with dry/dehydrated skin.

A mind-blowing sensorial experience.

A mind-blowing sensorial experience.

The blend of 100% natural essential oils in this product is exquisite and so beneficial for optimising healthy skin. In fact, the entire philosophy behind the brand is amazing, and Africology will only use all natural ingredients that are bio-identical to the skin’s natural biology which effectively enhances the integrity of the skin while at the same time preventing premature ageing. Now I can deal with that😉

Why do I like it so much?

Marula oil (the main ingredient) is rich with skin softening and hydrating properties that also protects the cells with a high percentage of antioxidants and free radical scavengers (and it’s indigenous to the African continent). Neroli and Sweet Orange oil to uplift the senses, and it just wouldn’t be South African without our Rooibos extract.

According to the therapist the best way to use the Conditioning Body Oil is to massage the product after a hot shower and head off to bed. Now most of you know that I love to test a product to its fullest (the trainer in me certainly has a curious bug).

One of my favourite is a mini treatment for the hands, and the British winter certainly can take its toll on my skin. So before applying my hand cream, I massage a drop or two while not forgetting the cuticles and really working the product, massaging each fingernail.

Currently I’m working on growing my facial fuzz and thought, “Ummm let’s try this a beard oil.” So far so good, yet the fragrance is a bit much for my daytime errands, but in the evening its totes divine; and it really helps to condition and nourish the unruly fur, and I get the best sleep ever.

50ml retails at R280 and can be found at all Africology stockist.

Enjoy, and welcome to my Africa…

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

16 highly active and effective pimple purger. Think of this as

16 highly active and effective pimple purgers. Think of this as “Spot Stop!”

It’s that time of year when pretty much everyone you know is on some form of post New Year’s detox, and with any detox programme it’s all about eliminating toxic build-up in our bodies, including the skin.

Since our skin is the largest organ, it too can have a few hiccups from time to time, and this is what I call blemishes or pimples. When I was much younger I suffered with terrible acne and as a result started taking better care of my skin, even to the point where I now work in the cosmetic industry. To me having a spot is just your skin saying, “hello, I didn’t like what you ate”, or too much ‘good times’, or simply not enough rest. It may sound strange, but I’ve always believed that our skin talks to us. We need only listen.

Skin says ,

Skin says , “Stop…”

Having a spot is the skin’s reaction to your action… Stop!

So what are these revolutionary stickers?

Well, firstly they are these discreet band aids to protect the spot from bacteria covered fingers, secondly, they are potent and actively formulated to kill bacteria and diminish the size, and thirdly, speed the healing process cutting the skin’s natural recovery period by half to minimise scarring and pigmentation.

They brilliantly decongest, soothe, reduce redness and prevent spots from becoming worse…

What makes them so different?

Each Spot Sticker contains optimum concentrated levels of active ingredients to zap the zit back to submission. Actives like Salicylic Acid effectively unclog and exfoliate the skin, reduces and prevents blemishes and blocked pores, with P-Refinyl® tightening stretched pores thereby reducing sebum production, while Vitamin C fights damaging free radicals and evens out skin tone improving the appearance of dark marks.

Skin conditioning Grape Seed and Soy oils soothe and moisturise the surrounding skin and Sytenol® A is hard at work minimising hyper pigmentation, calms the irritated skin and helps to prevent future inflammation from occurring.

Unfortunately, despite all my efforts over the weekend to get a spot, I failed ;-(

Yet luck was on my side. When I got to the office on Monday morning, my colleague Scott had one. I was so ecstatic and basically kidnapped his spot for this blog. And yes, with his kind permission.

One top feature about the Skinesis Spot Sticker is that it’s quite versatile in how you can use them. I know that many lose confidence and want to conceal their blemishes with make-up and you can. Either apply make-up over or pop the sticker over make-up. It is a personal preference ‘-)

Sarah Chapman does suggest that during the day to change stickers every 4 hours and in the evening to sleep with it on.

What I love?

Skinesis Spot Stickers are packaged in this gorgeous white leather wallet which is perfect for the handbag or manbag and when you run out, just get the refill on the website.

May be pocket size, but certainly packs a punch to pimples.

May be pocket in size but it certainly packs a punch to pimples with knock-out results.


What does Scott look like today…

As for the results, proof is umm in the Sticker!

As for the results, proof is umm in the Sticker!

The next time you feel or see a spot… Just think!!!

Break Glass.

In Emergency – Break Glass

Spot Stickers can be found at most Sarah Chapman Skinesis stockists and retails for £22 for 16 stickers with wallet included, the refill retails at £23 for 20 stickers.

If any of you have tried these potent pimple purgers, please drop a comment.

I now can’t wait to have a pimple and to try these out… And remember, spots don’t discriminate, Spot Stickers are suitable for every age, gender and skin type.

Make your 2015 spot free!

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

My new cleansing routine for 2015: Rapid Radiance Cleanser, Professional Cleansing Mitts and The Facialift all from Skinesis by Sarah Chapman.

My new cleansing routine for 2015: Rapid Radiance Cleanser, Professional Cleansing Mitts and The Facialift all from Skinesis by Sarah Chapman.

Sarah Chapman, Who? Skinesis, What?

Okay, so who is this woman, and what’s this brand about?

Sarah Chapman is an internationally recognised facialist with a wealth of hands on experience, making her one of UK’s most sought-after skin and beauty expert. Sarah is qualified in cosmetic science and through her passion and vision saw a gap in the British market to create a high performance skincare range that is a fusion between healthy ingredients (Botanicals) and result driven ingredients (Cosmeceuticals).

I’m calling this fusion ‘Bio-Cosmeceuticals‘.

Sarah can often be seen in leading magazines, either with her beauty tips, tricks and advice, or with the Skinesis products which are currently increasing in popularity and cult status through the media. If this still hasn’t grabbed your attention, Sarah has a list of countless Celebrities, Beauty Editors and Journalists around the globe who are loyally committed to her and the Skinesis philosophy.

Skinesis is a fusion of the words ‘Skin‘ and ‘Kinesis‘. Kinesis is Greek for ‘movement induced by stimulation’ and for a facialist with a vision, this felt right. Skinesis is based on treatment levels of active ingredients along with the latest technology available to provide serious anti-ageing benefits to the skin.

Many of you know that I am so against mineral oil, parabens and synthetic fragrances used in beauty products, so does Skinesis. It really does offer the best for skin that is undergoing the effects of ageing, and that’s pretty much everyone, everywhere ‘-)

The latest addition to the Skinesis collection. Launched in September 2014.

The latest addition to the Skinesis collection, launched in September 2014.

Rapid Radiance Cleanser is your modern way to cleanse the skin. It’s packed with bio-cosmeceutical actives to detox, brighten, and boost the skin’s radiance every time you use it. The highly potent and effective formula helps to shrink pores, fade pigmentation, refine texture and reduce congestion in a one-stop wash.

Revolutionary PoreAway and Detoxophane combined with Vitamin C, Lactic and Salicylic acids help to remove impurities and gently unclog, smooth and brighten the skin. Kaolin and French Green Clay form the base of this cleanser to absorb surface oils, detox the skin from pollutants and to buff away dead skin cells. Soothing vitamins and essential fatty acid rich oils help to restore the epidermal barrier preventing moisture loss, boosting suppleness and delivering your healthiest looking skin yet. Added to the formula to uplift and energise the skin, the highest grade of pure essential oils; Neroli, Bergamot, Geranium and Petitgrain are used.

One of the many elements that attracted me to this beautiful, the packaging is Fabulous and practical.

One of the many elements that attracts me to this beautiful brand, the packaging is fabulous and practical.

Easy to use, twist the nozzle to open and close (a personal favourite feature as I hate opening up my tolietry bag and finding a product exploded inside). How much to use? I have tried various amounts and the best for my man face is 5 pumps. This is not a make-up removing cleanser, so please don’t apply to the eye area (I did for the purpose of this blog and I warn you feels very ‘fresh and stingy’. Don’t do it).

Twist to open, twist to close, brilliant for those who travel '-)

Twist to open, twist to close, brilliant for those who travel ‘-)

Once on, I massage over my entire face and neck while focusing on the areas where my skin tends to be more oily (T-Zone) and where my pores tend to be more visible (cheek area). Being a shower person, I basically whack it on, massage the cleanser for a minute or two, leave it on as a mini radiance boosting mask as the shower warms up, and to wash off I use my fabulous mitts.

These cleansing mitts make skin cleaning so effortless and extremely effective in removing dead skin and pollutants.  The Facelift encourages circulation and massages facial muscles to releases toxins.

These cleansing mitts make skin cleaning so effortless and extremely effective in removing dead skin and pollutants.
The Facelift encourages circulation and massages facial muscles to releases toxins.

If you’re looking for a new cleanser to start the new year fresh and radiant, have a look at this one. After only 3 weeks, I can honestly see a major improvement in my skin texture, my pores don’t scare me anymore and despite the festive period being very festive in our household, I must confess that looking back now, I didn’t have one spot. Not one… Brilliant!

It retails at £29 and can be found online or at your nearest Sarah Chapman Skinesis stockist, your best bet would be your nearest SpaceNK (store locator).

Please share your thoughts if you have tried this product or any others from the Skinesis range.

Let’s start the new day by giving skin the best it deserves.

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

In my first week of joining this incredible brand, Sarah treated my post-safari-holiday skin to one of her bespoke facial treatments. How could I possibly refuse an offer like this…

To those in the know, Sarah Chapman Skinesis Clinic is based in one of London’s most desirable locations and minutes from shoppers paradise, King’s Road. The Skinesis Clinic is situated in the heart of Chelsea, and literally is a stone throw away from the infamous ‘The Conran Shop’ and South Kensington Tube Station.

After an intense 3 days, I was ready for a new lease of life in my skin…

The bespoke facial starts with a consultation diagnosing my skin concerns, the results I’d like to achieve from the facial, and if I had any medical concerns or allergies etc.

The first step is always to cleanse and prepare the skin before using other skincare products. Cleansing is vital for healthy skin as this eliminates build-up, toxins, impurities and dead skin cells. Regardless if you’re a make-up or no make-up wearing individual, we are bombarded by pollutants and free radicals every second and without a clean platform to begin with, how do you think your skin will react? A similar concept would be to start the family dinner in an unkempt kitchen… Both will never happen in my household.

Ultimate Cleanse was the first product used for my cleansing step. It’s a balm to milk cleanser that washes the day away. Now I don’t wear waterproof make-up or mascara, yet this cleanser would benefit someone who does. Despite the fact, I still thoroughly enjoyed the lustrous texture and my skin felt clean without any tightness afterwards, and it doubles up as a perfect skin prep for wet shavers – yes for the men too.

I must confess that I did have a rather fabulous summer this year, and with summer comes sun damage, coarser skin texture and chronic dehydration. My skin was in desperate need of a good scrub down and some major MOT. It seriously needed it. For the second step of the treatment, an exfoliating booster (Overnight Exfoliating Booster) was brushed on the skin before the mask (Instant Miracle Mask) was applied. There are currently 3 boosters in this category, each targeting different skin concerns: hydration, exfoliation and pigmentation, and all three bottles are clearly labelled for easy selection.

This was truly a weird sensation for me, as it was the first time I have had a mask applied over my eyelids. Normally there shouldn’t be and most therapists would either dampen some cotton or have sliced cucumbers covering the eye area, but with this particular one it kinda went all over as you can see, and don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and I actually recommend it. The sensation of this mineral rich mask when it immediately goes on feels very cool, a little damp and has this gorgeous aroma of essential oils. Within minutes you can feel the mask changing texture, actually the best way to describe it would be that it feels quite rubbery. When this happen you start to feel the pulling and firming properties of the mask. Once dried it’s ready to peel off… The fun part begins ‘-)

After the mask, I received an age defying collagen and elastin boosting red light treatment. I was under the light for around 15 minutes. And I warn you, this light is bright. Once that was done, a shot of Age-Repair Serum with a few of Sarah’s unique facial massaging techniques to reinvigorate the skin’s metabolism and to ‘push’ in those age reversing actives.

Eye Recovery

Everyone needs a little bit of Eye Recovery… Love, love this product. Probably one of the better anti-ageing eye care I have used in a very long time. Honest truth.

To finish off the facial, a supercharged multi-active daily moisturiser (Dynamic Defence SPF15) was used to seal and protect my skin. My facial came at a perfect time, as soon as I was done at the Skinesis Clinic I dashed off to a fabulous MCM event in Sloane Street for a night of bubbles and the latest spring/summer collection.

Cheers Everyone!

Cheers Everyone!

Can’t wait to blog about my new Skinesis skin routine and the amazing results I’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Have a fabulous start to the new year Everyone,

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

One of my skin's special night time treats '-) Love it.

One of my skin’s special night time treats ‘-) Love it.

What is seriously not to love about this body product from Elemis. I was introduced to this product ages ago and can’t believe I’m only blogging about it now.

On my recent world adventure – okay it was my vacation, I realised that I had forgotten one purchase; a body oil… All I can say is, “Thank you WDF”.

There are so many wondrous elements to write about this product. The first is of course that gorgeous aroma of Frangipani Monoi; secondly the texture of the oil, and lastly the fabulous red glass and silver lid packaging.

To those who have smelled Monoi, you know exactly what I’m on about. Whenever I use this body oil, I honestly feel seduced by the exotic Tahitian Monoi and truly feel rejuvenated and alive. Frangipani flowers is teamed up with the Monoi fragrance to give you this real sense of drifting away somewhere in Polynesia. It’s just gorgeous…

The texture of the oil is light and melts into the skin almost immediately and I’m usually dressed within a few minutes after application and out the door. The body oil has a bit of a personality I must say. The product may either be in a balm or a liquid. Don’t panic as this is due to the cold. Since I live in the UK, my body oil is pretty much always in a balm and there’s not chance in hell of getting it out without smashing the bottle. It really isn’t much of a trick, but when I’m ready for the Monoi experience, I pop the bottle under hot running water and within a couple of minutes the balm melts back into an oil. Please make sure that the lid is on, as you don’t want water trickling inside to dilute. I know it sounds like a pain, but I actually love this in winter times as you get to massage the skin with warm Monoi body oil. And that’s just a little bit sexy for me ‘-)

It’s so easy to use and I probably use too much anyway LOL… but I use about a teaspoon amount for each of my limbs and enough to engulf my chest and back. A note when massaging – always massage towards the heart chakra.

A light base oil with exotic fragrances and long lasting hydration for the skin.

A light base oil with exotic fragrances and long lasting hydration for the skin.

The benefits of the body oil are just fabulous. Apart from the heavenly aroma, it hydrates, nourishes and leaves this amazing sexy glow on the skin. I pretty much use this product all year round and it’s brilliant after a day out in the sun or a moisture boost for my poor winter skin (central heating nightmare).

A great tip – if you find your skin beginning to feel dry and flaky. Do a full body exfoliation either with a mitt or a body polish/scrub, and apply the body oil onto slightly damp skin and massage well until absorbed.

The body oil retails at £32 for 100ml and can be found at all Elemis stockist. So please treat your winter skin with the Monoi experience.

Disclaimer: products relating to this blog have been a personal purchase with a personal preference to selected Elemis products. 

Thank you

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

My top 4 aroma from Korres.

My top 4 aromas from Korres body line.

I find it quite interesting when someone else introduces you to a brand, knowing that you will ‘love it’, and so was the case with Korres.

I’ve seen the brand around for many years, and truth be told, I have never tried any of their products or done any research behind the brand until recently.

So my story starts… 2 years ago, a dear close friend set me up with a Korres start-up box, “Party Survival Kit” and 2 of the body washes as a birthday present. I can’t remember all their names, but have definitely been a loyal lover of the Guava scented body wash and been buying it ever since. As for the kit, can’t say that I was overly moved by the skincare, yet nice enough to try out and to experience what Korres had to offer. Gum included…

Story behind the brand – it was started somewhat 20 years ago by George Korres who wanted to purse his passion for natural homeopathic remedies. The first Korres product was an aromatic syrup that used Honey and Aniseed, which was inspired by his grandfather’s ‘rakomelo’, a warming spirit he use to make in his village on the island of Naxos.

Korres is born out of Athens’ and is todays Greece’s fastest-growing natural skincare company. It features over 400 natural and/or certified organic products in over 30 countries around the world. With products that are both serious and sensuous. Korres’ goal is to develop innovative and clinically effective skincare products based on natural active ingredients, to promote natural ingredients research in relation to skin biochemistry, and to project the unique Greek flora benefits through their cooperations with local farmers, and the production of their brand-own high value organic extracts.’

What attracts me to this brand is their philosophy and the idea of using homeopathic remedies. I just love that, and it will always bring me back to this brand. Below is what they include and don’t include in their product formulas:

What makes Korres so brilliant in my opinion.

What makes Korres so brilliant in my opinion.

Not many know this, but despite their affiliation and distribution through J&J, Korres still manages to keep to their ingredient ethos and are totally against animal testing. Always a good thing in my books, well blog in this case.

Packaging of Korres shower gel is nothing new or exciting, but practical. Plastic brown bottles (ideal for the shower and bathroom) with beautiful labels that are unique to each of the various shower gels with a really easy flip top to dispense from, and it doesn’t break after 10 openings. Fantastic ‘-)

The packaging is simply and easy enough to use in the shower '-)

The packaging is simple and easy enough to use in the shower ‘-)

I am now the proud owner of 4 deliciously scented Korres body products, and each one of them has a strategic place in my chronic lifestyle.

Why do I love them so much? Easy enough – great foaming action, effectively cleanses the skin, doesn’t dry out or strip my skin of natural oils and the aromas are incredible. Done ‘-)

In the mornings, I seem to go for Citrus Showergel first. Depending on how I feel, I might even choose the Guava Showergel. My love for citrus and fresh notes is not unknown, and this simply is an impulse purchase, again and again. I can never get enough of it. The Citrus Showergel as described on the bottle is “Uplifting, clean and fresh with surprising tenacity“. Yip, I totally agree with all of it. I have also used this shower gel post work-out and it’s brilliant to recharge the body and the senses afterwards. If you love fresh as much as I do, you can’t go wrong here. My alternative morning body product is Guava Showergel, and this smells so different to the intense freshness of Citrus. It’s much more subtle in its fragrance notes and has this general sense of warmth with a undertone of sweet, as described on the bottle “Invigorating blend of Tropical fruits“. I really enjoy this aroma more when the mornings are cooler and it’s a perfect choice for the winter season.

My favourite summer evening body wash certainly has to be Bergamot Pear Showergel. It ticks all the right boxes for me, and after a day on the beach or post work-out, this body wash always gets me re-energised and well, clean. The smell is fabulous, with fresh hints from the Bergamot (which isn’t as robust as the Citrus Showergel) teamed up with the soft notes of Sweet Pear. Not to everyone’s olfactory liking, but I love it – just give it a go. I promise ‘-)

My winter evening fav is certainly Vanilla Cinnamon Showergel, and before you think cheap festive candle or your Grandmother’s biscuits, it’s so much better and yes, a bit more sophisticated. I will confess that every time I do use this product it reminds me of when I was a kid, and dad and I were drinking Horlicks in the kitchen on a cold wintery night. Bizarre what aromas can trigger off. Yet, what does make me laugh and tickles my sense of humour is what’s written on the bottle, “Creamy Vanilla with a warm woody pulsation“. I certainly get the creamy vanilla, but still waiting for the ummm I can’t even finish that comment Haha

Each body wash does exactly what it says, and for £8 you really can’t go wrong with the Korres body range. They offer quite a variety of aromas and textures, from body milks to scrubs and even a deodorant.

I best go and investigate this further, but I need retail shopping time to do this, any excuse, right!

Let me know which is your Korres favs and I’ll go check it out…

Disclaimer: all Korres products related to this blog has been a personal purchase and a personal preference of selected products. 

Thanks again followers,

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)

Glam Magazine

Once again Nisa Halid has flown off to London to meet Rui Branco. This time to witness the latest products from REN skincare and to get a chance to try all the new products first hand.

Upon my arrival in London, I was taken to Away Spa, W Hotel to have my REN facial. Afterwards I got to meet Rui Branco, Director of Global Education and Training once again in his office, where we had met a year ago in Old Marylebone Road.

Who is not familiar with REN Skincare? Those who have known and tried this product agrees with the philosophy and concept of REN and its use of environmentally friendly ingredients. Now it’s time to have a look at what REN has to show! Offering modern skin care using the latest technology and scientifically proven formulas to give the best results for the skin.

REN are currently established in 55 countries around the world, which indicates it is a skincare brand to be proud of. REN always sticks to the three concepts namely; performance, purity and pleasure, which represents the latest product formulations, high technology, strict product testing and clinically proven results, REN uses 100 percent of plant materials and active minerals; is free from synthetic ingredients that are not so friendly to the skin. Not only that, REN believes that using the product can make the world a better place and as a consumer, it makes you feel so much better for using it!

Once again, Rui restored my excitement as like last year when he started to speak about the new products. Rui knows his stuff and while presenting makes you feel like you’re part of the REN world. His beautiful smile, engaging eyes and his sense of humour gets everyone laughing and then he hits you with charm and scientific clinical results and you can’t stop to think, “wow, this brand is fantastic”.

What is new with REN? Was my question before entering into the REN office. As I walked in, all I could see was a happy smiling Rui and a table with gorgeous treats and the latest product lines arranged on the table. I was so itching to give it a try. I kept telling myself ” I can’t wait to try them. Smell them. Touch them, and to see the amazing results!’ Once invited to sit around the table, I managed to see all the products one by one.

Did you know at REN we have a variety of textures to cleanse the skin? I am quite impressed with the emphasis and focus highlighted by REN on skin cleansing. “Washing your skin is important, it is the basic preparation to prepare skin before using skincare and make-up,” explains Rui. Seeing Rui explaining the Rosa Centifolia range products raises my excitement. The range features No. 1 Purity Cleansing Balm, Foaming Cleanser, Cleansing Gel, Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. Its like bringing the Spa environment back home and you can achieve the same results! Each of these products have advantages and how to use them.

Rui said, “Each one gives a different effect and result, Cleansing Balm calms, soothes and cleanses, while protecting the skin from environmental stress, free radicals and every day pollution. Cleansing Gel and Foaming Cleanser also give approximately the same results the only difference is the texture. Both cleanses gently removes dirt, pollution and make-up, and leaves the skin feeling balanced, refreshed and soothes the skin, it also has pore reducing actives. The last in the series is the Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser to remove impurities and dead skin cells to reveal a smoother skin and leaves the skin soft and healthy looking; and it has this cooling and refreshing feeling! ”

Rui encourages us to try, and feel the various products, I had explained that I’ve used some of them during my facial earlier. The difference is significant compared to before and after use. Skin so much brighter, not only does it look calmer, it is more shining and perfect. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and try out my own personal cleansing system.

After Rui finished explaining the cleanser, he kept us in suspense for REN’s latest innovative product. Rui introduces the new Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial that can reduce wrinkles by 15 percent, increases the luminosity of skin by 24 per cent and 100 per cent of women said their skin felt smoother, had a healthy glow and immediate tautness after use. According to Rui, “Use every three days. Apply to clean face and neck and massage directly with circular movements. Then, moisten your fingertips with water and massage again to activate the vitamin C. Massage for one minute and rinse thoroughly. The great thing is how quickly the products works to achieve such amazing skin results. How does it works on your skin? Rui replied, “This product contains a gel containing boswellic acid, magnesium and 10 percent of stable vitamin C in a silica/glyceride matrix which prevents the activation and oxidation of the product.”

Rui went on to show the final product for the season, the new anti-aging range – V-Cense which includes Youth Vitality Day Cream and Revitalising Night Cream. Products that moisturise your face during the day with a multi-active formula to prevent and reduce the signs of premature ageing, an active complex for boosting energy and elasticity in the skin, protects against free radical damage while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin remains hydrated, protected and radiant. Revitalising Night Cream protects the skin and contains collagen boosting properties. Formulated with an active complex which includes Vitamin C and Boswellic Acid, while offering a cocktail of micronutrients which are important for the skin, but also reduces free radical and oxidative damage!

The REN office is conveniently located close to the Landmark Hotel where I was staying during my stay in London. Later that day,  I got a chance to have a casual, yet personal chat with Rui over High Tea at The Parlour at Sketch restaurant. I just fell in love with him.

This ended the evening and with all the information I received from REN and Rui, I now have the pleasure to share with you all in Malaysia!

The full article featured in September’s issue of Glam Magazine in Malaysia.

This article was featured in September issue of Glam, Malaysia.

My dearest Nisa, always a pleasure to spend some time with you. You are a ray of sunshine. Thank you for the wonderful article and the photos. Look forward to our next adventure together. Keep smiling ‘-)

A picture perfect moment. Nisa and Rui.

Love n Light

Beauty and the Chameleon ‘-)